Open Letter to Guy in 9F

An Open Letter to the Guy Sitting Next to Me Last Night on My US Airways flight from Fort Lauderdale:

Dear Sir,

I just wanted to let you know how honored I was to be sitting next to you last night.  I know you must be an important person of some sort since you could not put down your Blackberry during the flight.  Sure, the airlines all ask the passengers nicely not to use these things during a flight, but you are an important person, with important tasks, and, well, frankly those rules don’t apply to you.

I’m certain that the messages you were responding to at 9:15pm were urgent.  I’m certain that whatever you were procuring or human resourcing or financing could not possibly wait until you landed.  I understand that, and I enjoyed basking in the glow of your own importance.  And the glow of the Blackberry.

I know that it’s important for everyone else to follow rules, even if we think they’re stupid.  Except for you.  No, the plane isn’t going to crash if you use your Blackberry, Mr. Procurement Guy, but the airlines have asked us nicely.  And in exchange for your $79 flight to Florida, all they ask is that you turn the damn thing off.  Is that so difficult?

Have a nice day,


  1. Amen, brother Jared.

  2. So, how come you didn’t rat him out?

  3. ayatollah assahola

    Dear Mr. Jared,

    Screw you. Why should I have to do what the airline people tell me? If I want to leave my tray table down for take off or maybe have my seatback not so much in the full and upright position for landing, who are they (or you) to say otherwise? I do what I like…that’s just how I roll (/cat).

    Yours in flight,


  4. Dear Jared,
    Relax…Its business people like me that keep this economy moving. Do you know that that person may have just gotten out of 12 hours of meetings to save his company and a 1000 jobs or landed a big deal that will take people off of the unemployment roster, or does it matter what I may be doing??? You obviously haven’t flow 50,000-100,000 miles on this airline this year, thats why you were in 9e…a center seat. In that case blame yourself and the airline for the uncomfortable seat, not me…And besides, I may have been one of those that spent 579.00 for that seat and not the 79.00 seat you may have purchased.

    In addition, maybe I have been out of town all week and unable to tuck my kids in or pet the dog or see my partner….each experience is different and in the end really doesn’t affect you all that much.

    send from by blackberry…

  5. So FAA regulations do not apply to business people who travel a lot?

    That’s good to know.

  6. I’d just like to point out to Jack that my wife was stuck in the middle seat. I was in the spacious exit row aisle seat.

  7. Oh—my wife wanted to rat him out, I said we shouldn’t. In her defense, she’s ratted people out before for using the blackberry in-flight. She’s like my own personal sky marshall. Except that before that same flight she also suggested to someone that they sneak a lighter on board. So there ya go.

  8. this is funny. most of these phones purchased in the uk have a function which turnes of the phone part of the device while in flight: “flight mode”. This allows you to reply to your emails which are stored in your in box. Get with the times or get off the plane. want a shute?

  9. Next time it happens, work out who he or she works for, and make as many notes as you can about his messages – borrow the blackberry for a minute or two often so you can fill in any gaps in your notes.
    Now, if you’re lucky, he’ll work for a competitor of your organisation, and you can use all the information yourself.
    If not, offer the information to the highest bidder out of the group consisting of him, and all his competitors.

    You stand a good chance of making a tidy sum, so that next time, you can fly first class…

  10. All you had to do is ring the flight attendent buttn and coplain the light from the use of the blackberry was “bothersome”..
    If he continued using the “item” he would have been met at Ft Lauderdale by some of “Browards Finest” and a charge of Interfering WITH a Flight Crew could be filed..
    He will then need his blackberry to look up a few certain numbers and proberly have it placed into the “Evidence” limbo..
    Fly Safe Fly Smart


  11. “most of these phones purchased in the uk have a function which turnes of the phone part of the device while in flight: ‘flight mode’.”

    Indeed. My BlackBerry 7750 allows you to turn of the radio. Actually, it turns its own radio off, instead of just shutting off the device whenever the battery gets low, which is kind of annoying.