DC-6 House

I promised myself I would never bore readers with vacation stories, but this one actually makes some sense for the site:  We were driving some back roads north of Fairbanks over the weekend when I spotted an old airplane on the side of the road.  In someone’s front yard.  Yes, I thought, this is rather odd.  Despite the No Tresspassing signs, my friends and I took a look and here’s what we discovered:  someone has taken this old DC-6 and is turning it into a house (you can see it in its somewhat more current form here about 1/3 of the way down the page—it’s the 4th photo).  They’ve since removed the wings (also sitting in the guy’s front yard) and the nose.  As a complete airplane nerd, I thought it was rather cool to find an old airplane sitting on the side of a back road in some guy’s front yard.  My friends preferred to sit in the car where it was not 14 degrees.  Go figure.


  1. sexy dc-6/cat

  2. As I recall, your friends/cat were in fact in the yard with you/cat.

  3. I stand corrected. My friends were in the yard, until they went back into the car/cat.