All Business-Class Airlines Launch London Service

Two new airlines are hoping that business travelers will be enticed by the prospect of all business-class flights at lower prices.  In a move that is so typical of the airline industry, both new carriers— MAXJet and EOS — will fly from JFK to London-Stansted (God forbid they try to stay out of each other’s way).  MAXJet will offer a 767 with about 100 business class seats in it at fares starting at $779 each way, while EOS has a 757 with only 48 lie-flat seats at about $2500 each way.  While the airlines say their products are different, that won’t become apparent to travelers, who will likely shun Stantsed’s airport anyway.  And Stansted’s main benefit—a whole bunch of lowfare European carriers—is likely unappealing to somebody who just spent $5000 to fly in a lie flat seat; somehow that GBP1 flight on Ryanair doesn’t seem so appealing to them.  Add in the fact that corporations already have discount deals with major carriers on this incredibly crowded route across the Atlantic, and I’m betting it’s a tough road for both these guys.

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