Woman Kicked Off Flight for T-Shirt

A Southwest Airlines passenger was kicked off her flight because she was wearing what the airline deemed an offensive t-shirt.  The offending apparel featured picutres of President Bush, Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice and the phrase "Meet the Fuckers."  Ah yes.  Well then.  Whatever you may think of the message of the shirt, no matter how much you agree with it, isn’t it sad that 40 years ago men wore fedoras when they flew and today people think it’s OK to fly with a shirt that says Fuckers on it. 


  1. NO! It isn’t sad!

    Flying used to be for mucky-mucks. Now it is for common scum.

    Why should we change clothes just to sit on an airplane? Hell, I dress down! Comfort uber alles baby!

  2. Meet The Fuckers is a segment on the Daily Show. The first segment was on Mike Brown.