New Hawaiian Airline to Launch

The Mesa Air group (a company that operates regional carriers) is planning to launch a new airline flying between the Hawaiian islands sometime in 2006 to compete with Hawaiian and Aloha.  No word on the name of the carrier, but this is good news for travelers, as I’d expect fares between the islands to drop.


  1. I expect what will happen is hawaiian and aloha will start a nice fare war until the new entrant is driven out of business, then put fares back where they started :)

    Just like the last couple of times someone started an alternative airline there.

    I love a duopoly, don’t you?

    That said, I hope they call it something very local, like Howzit Airlinez.

  2. Howzit airlines is a good name.
    Sounds like Mesa has a pretty boneheaded strategist though- the market is not large enough.
    As a customer of both Hawaiian and Aloha- it would be almost too predictable- the locals unsure of what is going on will just get confused and by the way it is only the tourists who pay the bills for these airlines- and they will not get the benefits of a price war.