Plane Fakes Emergency to Watch Soccer Game

Stories like this are the reason why I still get up early to write this stupid thing:  A chartered Gambian airplane faked an emergency landing so that passengers would not miss a soccer match they wanted to watch.  I’ll explain.  The Air Rum (?) L-1011 had 289 Gambians onboard on its way to Lima, Peru, to watch its team play in the FIFA Under 17 World Championships (outside of the US, people charter planes to fly halfway around the world to watch 15 year old play soccer).  The plane was late, so the pilot radioed the airport in the city where the team was playing (Piura) and said that it was running low on fuel and needed to land there instead of in Lima.  So, the plane landed in Piura and the passengers were able to attend the match.  Peruvian authorities are still figuring out what penalties (if any) they should impose.  Even so, I’m pretty impressed.

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