Air France A340 Crashes in Toronto

You’ve probably seen this elsewhere, but an Air France A340 crashed in Toronto after overshooting the runway by 200 meters.  The miracle is that everyone escaped safely.  You’ll hear (and have already likely heard) lots of speculation about what caused the accident, but it’s important to remember that these investigations take about a year to complete and that everything you hear now is purely a guess. 

That said, this kinda makes you think again about actually listening to the flight attendants during their little safety speech, doesn’t it?


  1. You speak for me. The darn speculations. I watched your CNN a bit last night, and the shrieking reporting and the what ifs and thats are just sickening. The instant experts. May be the media should pipe down all around, and the world would suddenly become a better place.

  2. You are right about listening to the flight attendants. This is coming from one. We are trained to evacuate a plane in less than 60 seconds…kudos to the crew of the Air France Jet!

  3. Foto aslinya mana yah?? kok gak ada…
    dimana saya bisa mandapatkan-nya??