Iraqi Airways Expands to Turkey

Iraqi Airways announced (well, as much as anything gets “announced” in Iraq) that it will begin twice weekly flights from Baghdad to Istanbul, Turkey, beginning August 3rd. The airline already flies to Damascus, Syria, and Amman, Jordan, having leased a couple of 737s, a 727 and a 767. With all of the crazy news we hear about Iraq, it’s amazing that commercial pilots are willing to fly in and out of Baghdad. It’s incredible when you think about it.


  1. Nicole Baghdadi

    That’s good news from Iraqi Airways. Iraqi Airways already offers 4 daily flights to Amman, Jordan ; 2 daily flights to Damascus, Syria ; daily flights to Dubai, UAE and to Kuwait, Athens, Tehran (Iran), Cairo (Egypt) and it also has domestic flights to Arbil, Sulaimaniya and Basrah in Iraq. The airline will add another 10 destinations (Including London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris and New York JFK) by the end of this year. Iraqi Airways is coming back again!

    (ohh, I am an Iraqi Airways cabin crew and I can tell you that we have the safest procedures prior, during and after the flights. Even when Iraq is a dangerous country for many people.

  2. Where can I get further information about flying into Iraq. In particular I am looking to fly to Erbil/Arbil airport from any european destination or from Dubai.

  3. Sir,
    Can you give me a website so I can check out flight schedules,etc. from Erbil,Iraq into Europe?

  4. dear sir/madam
    i am so glad that i could find so many iraqi websites on the internet,well done everyone.
    i just wanted to ask you about flights to/from arbil airport if there is any!and also how can i book tickets?
    they say there is flights between frankfurt(germany)and arbil,but how many times a week?and what is the airline?
    i am looking forward to hear from you,and thank you for your help.regards
    bzhar rasoul

  5. hi! can you kindly tell me if there is flight service between germany and erbil airport.if so can you tell which days does these flights operate.also i want to know how much does it cost??????????
    thanks for your help

  6. if iam living in the states and i wanna go to Kirdistan,what best way is to go through?

  7. i want travel to kurdstan from london could u tell me how can i fly?which airline their web site or their details.thanks

  8. Is Erbil airport still shutdown?

  9. hi there..
    i wanna know how to fly from Moscow to Erbil and how much it does cost?……….

  10. If you kindly let me know the noumber of flight from istanbul to sulaymani with many thanks

  11. Iraqi fleights is good, but they are not accurate in thier flieght reservation, i book twice, one shift me one complete day and the other shift me 7 hours

  12. hi there
    how are yours all
    can you please tell me how can i travel from dubai to arbil
    and how many times a week you can fly and what day are they
    many thanks