Wanna Buy a 707?

Did you ever want to own your own commercial airplane? Well, now you can. Someone is selling a Boeing 707 on eBay for about $200,000 (hurry, there’s only 2 days left in the auction). A couple of minor drawbacks:

–the aircraft had skidded off a runway and lost an engine. You’ll want to fix that.
–the aircraft is currently located in Liberia.

Those are really the only drawbacks. The thing would make an amazing restaurant. Or apartment. The 707 is also mentioned in Gordon Lightfoot’s Early Morning Rain and Steve Miller’s Jet Airliner. Well, not this specific 707, but 707s in general.


  1. maybe I’ve forgotten how eBay works, but can someone explain why a 707 is categorized under: Business & Industrial > Industrial Electrical & Test > Electrical Equipment & Tools > Electrical Tools > Crimpers ?