Qantas Buys Valuair

Qantas has purchased Singapore’s Valuair and will merge it into its own budget carrier Jetstar Asia. Qantas is also holding talks with AirAsia, southeast Asia’s biggest budget success story. A deal there could create an Asian lowfare powerhouse, which also may lead to higher fares.


  1. Truly the worst flight experience ever… I fly on average 200,000K miles a year (Diamond on Delta + a FF with several Asian airlines), and I booked this ValuAir flight for my wife – so she could meet me in Surabaya (her flight originated from Singapore). I understand delays (even the 3-4+ hour ones!!), but when I tried to check the status of the flight, I found it impossible. After trying to check the status online (which showed the plane had landed in Surabaya on time!!), I called the “Jakarta phone number,” but it wasn’t in service. I then called the Singapore number, and it too wasn’t in service (both of these numbers were listed on the website!). I then called the main number, in Australia, and was connected to some call attendant named “Lila” (though I’m sure that’s not her real name). The call center I reached was in Malaysia, and Lila didn’t speak English well. No worries, I speak bahasa, but still it didn’t help. She was so incredibly rude, told me the plane had already landed in Surabaya. When I told Lila I just received a text from my wife informing me the plane was still in Singapore, she said essentially “well then, there’s nothing I can do to help.” When I asked to speak with her manager, I was told “that’s impossible… if you want to complain, you must do so in writing to the office where the flight originated from.” I then hung up, called right back, and reached “Steve.” Also from the Malaysia call center – he was just as incompetent, but at least a little more pleasant. I finally called the Surabaya airport and I was informed the ValuAir flight still hasn’t departed Singapore! You’ll save $100 flying on ValuAir, but trust me, it’s simply not worth the savings! This is the worst airline and the worst single experience I’ve ever had… take that from an American who literally circles the globe for business about 8-10 times each year (with monthly USA-Asia trips)!