BMI: Don’t Bring Food On Board

British carrier BMI has introduced a buy food onboard program(me) that has an interesting twist: You aren’t allowed to bring outside food on board. Weak!

(Thanks to View from the Wing for this heads up)


  1. How is that going to work for groups with specific dietary needs? For example, Orthodox Jews can’t eat the “hot bacon sub roll with Heinz tomato ketchup” and most of the rest of the menu. Does BMI have any long haul flights?
    It’s one thing not to serve food, another altogether to prevent people from eating their own.

    – avi

  2. mmmmmmmm… bacon sub roll with Heinz tomato ketchup

  3. BMI does have long-haul flights, upon which you are, and I’m trying to say this gingerly, fucked.

  4. The only thing sadder than this is that I bet someone at some US airline is hitting himself in the forehead even now and going “why didn’t WE think of that???”

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