Delta Changes Mind, Raises Fares

Remember when Delta a huge splash announcing their SimpliFares program. Remember how they said that no coach fares would be over $499 each way? Remember when they said that this wasn’t a temporary move and that this was a new way of doing business? Remember the reason why nobody trusts airlines? Delta announced that they are raising their top coach fares to $599 each way.

In 18 months, top fares will be back to $1199 each way. SimpliFares indeed.


  1. Dayna Roberts

    As a direct result of the volatile and unprecedented increases in jet fuel costs this year, Delta is resetting the top-level fare caps of its SimpliFares program by $100. SimpliFares offers the most competitive fares in the industry, and the program retains the popular features of no Saturday-night stays and flexible change rules. The cap adjustment affects only full-fare walk-up and some three-day advance purchase fares.

    “When Delta launched SimpliFares in January, crude oil was selling at $43 per barrel compared to as much as $61 per barrel in recent weeks,” said Paul Matsen, s.v.p. and chief marketing officer. “Despite our best intentions to keep the current fare caps in place, we have been forced to find ways to offset this dramatic spike in costs. As we continue to transform, Delta remains committed to providing our customers a simple, affordable pricing structure with fewer restrictions – the guiding principles of SimpliFares.”

    Effective immediately, SimpliFares are capped each way at $599 for economy class and $699 for first class. However, the popular customer benefits of SimpliFares remain the same, such as no Saturday-night stay requirement, the reduction of most special service fees to $50, 1,000 bonus miles and no direct ticketing fees for tickets purchased on