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JetBlue to Serve Newark

Good news for JetBlue fans in New Jersey: The airline will begin service from Newark to 5 cities in Florida and Puerto Rico beginning in October. Fares start at $69.

Incidentally, this article notes that JetBlue will begin service with its new Embraer 190s starting in November, though the cities they will serve have not yet been determined. You will hear lots of blabber about JetBlue now using regional jets, but don’t believe a word of it. The new planes are actually more spacious than the current A320s (though smaller), and have only 2-by-2 seating, so no one will be stuck with a middle seat. There world used to be split on whether these planes were a good idea for JetBlue…I am firmly in the good idea camp. Everyone likes more room and no middle seats.

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  1. i wouldnt know as they seem hell bent on not adding chicago to their mix.

  2. Relax as you enjoy the super low fares on JBlew knowing that they achieve these low fares by paying your pilot half of what his peers at other airlines make. Ever hear of getting what you pay for??

    Also keep in mind as you head to your sales convention that people who earn half wages are able to purchase half of what your other customers are able to buy from you. So the savings you achieve on JBlew will eventually be subtracted from your bottom line. What goes around, comes around.

  3. Hmmm…50% pay at a job I know I’ll have along with a pension and a good stock to invest in or full pay at a company that may or may not be around in 2 years with or without my pension that may or may not be picked up by the goverment…

  4. Nice point, Dan. JetBlue pays their workers a market wage. If they didn’t, people wouldn’t work there. Perhaps we should regulate the airlines and what their workers are paid. That worked pretty well for Aeroflot.