Kazakhstan Drops Airport Plan

You may (or may not) remember a story from a couple of months ago about how Kazakhstan was going to force airlines to fly into its capital, Astana, rather than the vastly more popular city of Almaty (its former capital). Well, the government has decided that perhaps that wasn’t such a good idea and is now dropping the proposal. You may ask yourself what kind of a horrible government would force airlines to fly into one airport while putting major restrictions on flights into the airport that many airlines actually want to serve? The answer, of course, is the US government with its restrictions at Dallas Love airport. Perhaps with Kazakhstan’s government welcoming free and open trade (ha!), perhaps the US government should look eastward (far eastward) for inspiration and drop the ridiculousness at Dallas Love.


  1. Gruffy McLoveable

    Don’f forget about The Man, forcing little old me to fly into Islip (yes i think it’s the same thing)

  2. That’s cuz the man lives in Long Island.