The End of Delta Simplifares?

OK, I know I said the OTR offices were closed for vacation, but I didn’t want to pass this up:

You may remember that in Delta’s Simplifares rollout they promised no fares over $499 each way.  Well, change that to "no fares over $499 each way, sort of."  Other carriers raised their top fares to $509 each way, and Delta has been forced to match on flights where it codeshares with other airlines.  So, their fares are getting less simple.  The marketing message, "all fares under $499, except for those that are $509 when we codeshare, which is when we sell seats on another carrier such that when you arrive at the airport you likely show up in the wrong terminal and have paid $10 extra for the experience," doesn’t sound as sexy as "Simplifares."  I suspect this is the beginning of the end of Simplifares.

Now I promise you won’t hear from me til Monday.

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