New Airline News

The WSJ (sub req’d, sorry) has two articles today about new(ish) airlines:

–The first talks about the wave of lowfare carriers sweeping Latin America, including Brazil’s GOL, which is an incredible success story.  Though Brazil’s government is still regulating some fares, it is allowing the company to undercut competitors by huge amounts ($20 from Rio to Sao Paolo, for example).  In addition, new carriers have launched in Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica, including one new airline that lands on an old Sandanista airstrip in Grenada, Nicaragua.  Cool.

–The second discusses the impending launch of a couple of airlines that hope to provide all-business class service between the East Coast and London’s Stansted airport.  While these new entrants have raised some money, it’s still a giant question mark as to whether they’ll ever actually fly.

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