All-Business-Class Airline to Launch London-New York?

A former British Airways executive is hoping to launch Fly First, an all-business-class airline flying 757s from London’s Luton airport to Newark.  The aircraft will be configured to hold 48 passengers, instead of the 200+ in a coach layout, and feature lie-flat seats (not surprisingly, as this is the same executive who brought lie-flat seats to British Airways).  Fares are about $6100 round trip, which is about on-par with regular business class, and include limo service to the airport.  The one catch:  they need to raise $45 million by June 10th.  If you send your checks to me, I promise to pass them on.


  1. Jared, Published rates of all airlines are approx 8000, of course at times they have better rates and all corporate rates are usually much better. Also would like to mention that the LH all business class (Private Air) is very popular among business travelers.