JetBlue Launches Service to Burbank

For every traveler who has griped about the misery that is LAX, today brings a bit of good news (at least if you live in New York):  JetBlue is launching nonstop service to Burbank.  Burbank is to LAX as Westchester Airport (HPN) is to JFK—a delightful alternative (OK, I admit, it was a slow news day here at OTR headquarters).  Seriously, though, Burbank is about a billion times more pleasant than LAX, as anyone who has flown into it can attest.

In other JetBlue news, there was a ridiculous article in the NY Times over the weekend that asked "Is Passngers’ Romance with JetBlue Cooling?"  The answer it turns out is, "not really."  This will be the first of many of these types of articles, so feel free to ignore them.  Load factors are near an alltime high for the airline, and their product is still better than everyone else’s (except Song, perhaps). 

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