Frequent Dier Miles

I don’t know how I missed this yesterday, but the WSJ has a great article about how funeral home directors can earn free tickets by sending their corpses on a certain airline.  Many of the carriers seem to have deals like this—JetBlue will offer a free ticket after 15 so-called "ship outs;" US Airways requires 30 corpse shipments.  The article notes that many airlines attended the Association of Independent Funeral Directors at Disney World to drum up business, with JetBlue passing out blue potato chips and luggage tags.  This brings up two points:

1) Is the luggage tag for the dead body?
2) If you’re a 6 year old, and you’re at Disney World, and you’re walking along, singing It’s a Small World After All, and you happen up a Funeral convention, do you think you’re scarred for life?


  1. im assuming this was for me.

  2. I forgot to mention, your title for this story is basically a tribue to the oneders. (As in, I Wonder what happened to the oneders). Die-er?