Guy Freaks After Finding Hair on Blanket

Ever find a hair on an airplane blanket?  Did you freak out?  This guy did:

On a Northwest flight from Osaka to Detroit, a passenger found a hair on a blanket and threw a bit of a fit, reportedly:

yelling and swearing at the flight attendant and poured a bottle of
water onto the seats and floor, spilling it on passengers. He also
threw his hat, blanket, safety demonstration card and magazines into
the aisle, intentionally bumped a flight attendant and verbally abused
an airline interpreter who tried to intervene…

My wife, who is an admitted hair-o-phobe, said that his reaction made sense. 


  1. pasta and cheese lover

    What exactly does the airline interpreter do? Interpret fares? A liason between the airline and passengers?

  2. No, he interprets airlines. Duh.