Virgin Blue Sexual Discrimination Case

A group of flight attendants has accused Australian discounter Virgin Blue of sex discrimination, only hiring young blondes.  Said one rejected flight attendant, waiting to be paraded before Virgin Blue execs was like a "cattle yard" of blonde women.  I like the expression cattle yard.  During the interview, one of plaintiffs was asked to take part in a skit, according to the article:

In any case, Stewart said, she took part in a sketch about a terrorist she was asked to perform with the rest of the group.

 She welcomed the ‘terrorist’ aboard asking: ‘Is that a gun in your pocket or are you pleased to see me.’

‘This is a hijack,’ the terrorist replied. ‘Take me to your
captain.’ He was then tackled to the floor by the rest of the group
which then burst into a song they had been asked to write.

Glad to see they take this stuff seriously down under…

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