Northwest to Serve Miller Lite

Longtime readers know that I lead off the day with the most important story; today is no exception.

Northwest announced yesterday that in a switch of some sort, it will now serve Miller Lite as its light (or lite) beer option on its many flights around the world.  Bud Light lovers take note:  Northwest held a news conference yesterday, while the company was losing several million dollars daily, to announce that Miller Lite will be available on its flights.  Says some guy at the news conference: "Northwest customers
wishing to enjoy a light beer on flights throughout our global network will
have the opportunity to enjoy a taste of Milwaukee with Miller Lite."  Indeed.  Enjoy away, my friends.


  1. Ah indeed – What Happens When Marketing Goes Wild! Those joint press release clauses in contracts always sound like a good idea at the time… of course it could have been worse, they could have said that it’s all their pilots drink too :)