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Heart Pills Shut Down ATL

Parts of Atlanta’s airport were shut down over the weekend because of a bomb scare after dog-sniffing bombs indicated explosives were present on a U-Haul outside a terminal.  It turns out that the truck contained only fireworks and non-explosive nitroglycerine heart medication.  I was thinking about running a little contest where the winner will have the best story as to why someone would have a truck full of heart medication and fireworks.  However, I’m too cheap to offer a prize.  I still look forward to your entries, though.

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  1. I’m pretty sure that in the 1st draft, Itchy and Scratchy drove past a hitchhiking Poochy and made it to the fireworks factory. Then, on the way back to Springfield, stopped at CVS to pick up Homer’s heart medicine.

  2. We have a winner! You win one box of delicious Honey Bunches of Goats cereal delievered personally by Disgruntled Goat.