Independence Air to Offer Digi-Player

Independence Air announced that it will offer the hand-held Digi-Player entertainment system on its flights to the West Coast.  The small entertainment unit, which offers 10 movies, 10 episodes of television shows and a bunch of music, costs $10 per flight.  Kinda steep, but not a bad option.  The press release all sneaks in there a line about also show the "Independence Air-exclusive comedy shorts starring "The FLYi Guy""  Hm. 

So, a quick re-cap on "full service" airlines vs. "low fare" carriers.  JetBlue, Song, Frontier, WestJet and Independence Air all offer some form of on-demand or live television entertainment at little-to-no cost for travelers on most flights.  Meanwhile, the so-called full service airlines offer no domestic on-demand or live television services (if I’m wrong, please correct me), and most offer no entertainment at all on a large number of their domestic flights.  Explain to me again why I shouldn’t fly JetBlue?

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