A Bit Too Much Information…

I wanted to share a quick story from my flight back from Fort Lauderdale last week:  The woman in front of me was sitting in the window seat next to her husband.  She was a bit agitated and kept standing up and looking around at the other passengers near here.  It was clear she was hoping a different seat would open up.  I was able to piece this together because she said to her husband, in full voice, "I CALLED THE AIRLINE AND TOLD THEM I WAS ON A DIURETIC AND THAT I NEEDED AN AISLE SEAT.  HOW AM I GOING TO BE ABLE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM FROM HERE?"  If that doesn’t sum up a Fort Lauderdale to Newark flight, I don’t know what does.


  1. It never ceases to amaze me what people say when they are in a crowd of people. It’s like the crowd is not even there.