Song Jeans

This story from the NY Post is so unbelievably disturbing:

Song Selling ‘Mile High’ Jeans To Fill Its Seats
By  Suzanne Kapner

New York Post , April 21, 2005

Delta’s Song airline and Henri Bendel are putting some style in their
version of the Mile High club.

As part of a two-week-long event to kick off Song’s new nonstop service  from New York to Los Angeles, Henri Bendel is selling limited edition  Chip & Pepper "Mile High" jeans, complete with Song’s logo on the back  pocket.

The association with the pricey denim (the Mile High version sells for $238) is the latest attempt by Song to position itself as anything but a stodgy airline. Rival JetBlue has taken a similar approach, and is  currently featured in the windows of Lord & Taylor, part of the  department store’s "Destination Blue Skies" sweepstakes, offering shoppers the chance to win a trip for two to San Francisco.

Marketing experts say the maneuvers make sense. "It’s very hard to
build differentiation into an airline experience," said Allen Adamson, managing director, of Landor Associates. "You can’t just say, ‘We’re going to give you a better sandwich.’"

He thinks airline-branded jeans MAKES SENSE?  Delta lost ONE BILLION DOLLARS last quarter. 


  1. Delta has said that song is doing very well. For competitive reasons they don’t provide seperate information for song but industry critics and analysts have speculated that song is profitable. So before you open your mouth, get the facts right.

  2. I purchased a pair of chic Kate Spade shoes designed for Song for a mere $21.00 ~ a far cry from the original price of $198.00. Maybe I can get the hook-up on discount Chip & Pepper Jeans soon. Gotta love Song.