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Phuket Air Passengers Stranded in Desert

I’m trying to put all of the pieces together, but there’s an odd story developing about a Phuket Air flight:

The flight was returning vacationers from Thailand to Gatwick and made a stop in Sharjah in the UAE.  As the plane was taxiing for take off, a group of passengers said they spotted a fuel leak and started getting out of their seats and yelling to stop the plane.  Pilots stopped the plane, checked out the leak and said it was fixed.  After taxiing again, passengers freaked out and the takeoff was aborted.  A replacement plane was sent, but on arrival, it, too, was found to be broken.  A sales manager for the airline, though, blamed the whole thing on the passengers:

“I have been informed by one passenger that the delay to the original
flight was caused by a group of typical drunken Brits. About 100 people
opted to stay on in Sharjah for another night by their own choice.  We will not be compensating them because there was no technical problem with the aircraft."

I especially like "typical drunken Brits."

Passengers also said the airline left them without food for 10 hours, which is actually not unusual on a US carrier nowadays.

In any case, after 60 hours the plane arrived in Gatwick. 

The end.

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  1. Business Class Lufthansa from Paris to Bangkok. In two words : forget it. It’s cheap. The food is no better than cafeteria food, when you can choose your platter. Yes, in Business Class, there were not enough platters for the 67 Business CLass paying customers. The 4 Stewardess were completely overworked and tired. They remained polite … almost to the end… but I did witness two who lost their cool with passengers who complained that twice on the same flight there was no choice of meal because there were not enough platters to go around… You buy Business, you pay Business, they sell out every seat but don’t have enough food put on the plane. The choice was turkey, spaghetti or potatoes… Evidently, almost everyone wanted turkey… and the rest got potatoes… The toilets were NEVER serviced during the flight (now, when you fly Malaysian Business, their are orchids and the toilets are serviced almost everytime they are used).