Fiji for $0? San Juan for $56?

Two bits of airfare weirdness yesterday (thanks to Flyertalk for the heads up).

Because of a glitch, Travelocity was selling tickets from LA & SF to Fiji for $0 yesterday morning.  If i had no job, I would’ve noticed this earlier in the day and I would’ve mentioned it to you guys.  Unfortunately, I have a job and didn’t notice until it was fixed.  Sorry about that.  If it’s any consolation, you had to stay there for 6 nights.

Also gone are $56 round trip tickets from Boston to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Again, short term thing hampered by the fact that I have a job and can’t just read the Flyertalk board all day (but, don’t get me wrong, I wish I could).

On a positive note, as the fares are still available, Northwest has tickets from much of the US to many of the Asian destinations for $400 plus tax (most flights are about $550 total).  Pretty good deal.


  1. A group of us purchased the $0 to Fiji Travelocity tickets. We are now being told by the aby Air Pacifc the tickets will not be honored. Am discussing this with Tavelocity. They need several days to investigate as it is an “international” situation.

  2. 6 days and no communication from Air Pacific or Travelocity on this issue. Hmmm?