Biman Bangladesh’s Buying Spree

My friends will often ask me if a given airline is safe.  Usually it is something ridiculous (Is Frontier safe?), and in response I mock them for their stupidity.  That was a joke. Har. All US airlines are safe.  That wasn’t my point.  My point was that sometimes even airlines that sound slightly sketchy are perfectly safe.  Biman Bangladesh Airlines, which doesn’t sound too promising, is actually quite normal—they are purchasing 10 new long-range aircraft, including  6 A330s and 4 777s.  Nice.  So the next time you’re flying to Dhaka and you’re thinking about whether to fly on one of Northwest’s aging DC10s, or a brand spankin’ new Biman Bangladesh 777, you may consider the airline you’ve never heard of. 

Editor’s Note: This example was, of course, hypothetical, as Northwest doesn’t fly to Bangladesh. They do fly to Bemidji, Minnesota, which sounds a little bit like Bangladesh if you say it really fast.

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