JetsGo Again, US Airways, and a Fare SaleAnd are you

I’m sorry for putting all of the stories in one post but my
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US Airways got a bit more breathing room as it secured a $125 million refinancing package from Republic Airways Holidng (operator of Republic Airways and Chautauqua Airlines, both fly as US Airways Express). The deal guarantees regional jet contracts
with the two airlines and requires US Airways to find another investor willing to pony up $100 million. In any case, it’s great news for the airline, and great news for anyone holding a US Airways
ticket for a June flight.

The demise of Jetsgo is bad news for consumers, it turns out not surprisingly. A financial analyst reported yesterday that competitors have already upped fares in markets where Jetsgo no longer competes. A three week advanced purchase ticket on WestJet has increased 20%, and a one-week advanced purchase ticket on Air Canada has increased 16%.

And finally, Independence Air has a pretty good sale going on thru Thursday on flight through May 25th. In short, fares start at $29 for Tues/Wed flights East of the Mississippi and top off at $119 for weekend transcons. The $29 fares are a great deal, considering they include Chicago-DC.

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