Delta to Eliminate Food Sales, Pillows

You know your airline is in trouble when it says that it is too expensive to even SELL food.  Delta announced yesterday that it is eliminating food sales on domestic flights, instead replacing it with snacks and snack bags for flights longer than 3 hours.  Pillows will also be eliminated.  First class will receive a meal for flights longer than 3 1/2 hours, and on flights between Atlanta & New York and between Cincinnati and Boston.  (Incidentally, I love how Delta’s press release about this change spins this into something positive for passengers.  God bless the press release writers.)

Song will continue to offer food sales, which helps me to better understand Song’s brand positioning in the Delta world.  The Delta brand stands for no frills, no food, no entertainment, higher fares, more fare restrictions and higher change fees.  Song, its lowfare arm aimed at leisure travelers who have no loyalty, offers food for sale, great onboard entertainment, comfortable seating, good legroom, low fares with few restrictions, and low change fees.  Ah, that makes perfect sense.

For God’s sake, make Delta the international brand and turn all of the domestic operation into Song (which, of course, they can’t do, because their costs are too high…but it’s a pipe dream).

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