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Lime, Yes Lime, Coming to AirTran

Every once in a while, a story is so important that I’ll devote an entire day’s postings to it.  Today we have such a story:  AirTran Airways will be the first, the very first, airline to serve Coca-Cola with Lime.  I’m sorry…I think I understated.  The press release says it will be the first airline "in the world" to serve it. 

You’re probably thinking, "Gee, is this incredible marketing arrangement the first time AirTran has worked with the Coca-Cola Corporation?"  Oh, my friend, you are in for a treat.  As AirTran points out:

AirTran Airways has a rich history of firsts with The Coca-Cola Company.
The airline was the first airline in the world to board Minute Maid Lemonade,
Dasani Water and Vanilla Coke.  Today, AirTran Airways boards thirteen
different Coca-Cola marketed products including Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Sprite
Zero, Minute Maid Orange Juice, Dasani Water and Seagram’s Ginger Ale.

Remember the first time you had Dasani Water on a plane?  That was on AirTran!  Seriously!  And what would a flight from Atlanta to Flint be without the delicious taste of Minute Maid Lemonade, handily packaged in aluminum. 

Remember, only on AirTran will you find the great Coca-Cola products you love married to the tangy taste of lime you need.

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