Lara Flynn Boyle Naked

Actress Lara Flynn Boyle reportedly consumed some drinks and some unnamed pills during her first class British Airways flight from LA to London, leading her, for some reason, to take off her shirt and jump into one of BA’s spacious and comfortable flat beds with a male passenger (who was not her traveling companion). 

In completely unrelated news, I actually had a woman in the row in front of me reprimanded for smoking in the bathroom during a flight 2 weeks ago (I can’t believe I forgot to mention it).  She went into the bathroom, came out reeking of smoke, and had not one, but 2 flight attendants yell at her (she denied smoking, but it was clear she was).  She then proceded to drink, count them, 15 glasses of champagne during the 11 hour flight.  She needed to be rousted from her sleep upon landing.  Well done.


  1. No matter what you say, im gonna firmly belive that this post was entirely for me and directly related to our most recent phone conversation. Deny if you like, but methinks you won’t.

  2. and not so much “believe” as “belive”