Hotel Issues…

I’m at a conference, and my hotel’s broadband isn’t working…alas, that means no posting.  Except that I did see that US Airways is temporarily eliminating hot meals in first class until it works out an issue with its food supplier.  You’ll get a boxed lunch like everyone else.  Perhaps you can bring a Sterno on board.

In any case, I’m back home tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll have something fascinating for you.  Or not.  I flew down here (Florida) on JetBlue and I’m flying back on Song, just so I can compare the two.  Even though that now means I’ll have 3 extra hours here with nothing to do.  But that’s how big a loser I am.  And it shows my committment to you, the reader, that I’ll spend 3 extra hours in Fort Myers so I can compare low fare airlines.  Whew, I need to get a life.  See you tomorrow.

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