Animal News

Two animal stories this morning:

–Here’s how a hedgehog caused $4 million in damage to a jet in France:  At Marseilles Airport, a hedgehog died on the runway.  A flock of seagulls came by and began eating the hedgehog.  An Air France A320 begins to take off, sucks a couple of birds into its engines, has to skid to a hault, and causes $4 million to the aircraft.  Turns out the airport groundskeeper overslept that day and did not clear the dead hedgehog off the runway.  I’m not sure what the lesson is from this.

–Once a year or so, China Southern Airlines puts out a press release talking about how they’ve transported some large number of livestock to China.  Longtime readers beg me for these press releases.  Beg.  You have no idea.  So, here it is:  China Southern delivered 800 pigs from Chicago to China.  The first delivery of 543 pigs was delivered to China
National Animal Breeding Stock.  The second to Shanghai Shenlong International Trading Company.  Here’s the best part:  According to the release, Numerous high res .jpeg photos of the delivery of the China
Southern flying pigs are available by contacting

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