US Airways Asks Staff to Work for Free

Let’s say you work for US Airways and you’re looking for a way to make yourself feel good during the Christmas season.  Perhaps you’ll volunteer for a non-profit organization.  Perhaps you’ll help the needy in some way.  Well, US Airways has just the plan for you.  It is asking its non-union staff to volunteer (that means without pay) at Philadelphia Airport during the New Year’s rush.  I call this Habitat for H’US Airways. 

You did read that correctly:  US Airways is solving its sick-out problem by asking non-union workers to volunteer over New Year’s. 

"This is a volunteer program," the airline said in an email to staff
published by the paper. "You will not be paid if this is on your day(s)
off. It promises to be a rewarding opportunity to learn more about the
operation of our airline and come face to face with our customers."

Rewarding.  Like slavery.

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