Independence Air Wants to Go Home for X-Mas

Indepdence Air wants to go home again.  USA Today has reported that Independence Air has submitted a bid to United to serve as a regional carrier for the bankrupt airline.  If this sounds familiar, that’s because Independence Air used to be a regional carrier for United (which, if you’re reading this, you probably knew).  I’m relatively certain that Fly-I, which left United over a disagreement about the fees it is paid as a feeder carrier, will end up with a similar to deal to the deal they turned down which precipitated the creation of Fly-I.  In other words, the past 6 months, featuring cash hemorraging and half-empty planes, have been a terrible, terrible dream.  Fly-I can only hope that United will take it back.

The NY Times noted today that Fly-I sold the only 4 planes it owns, making the United scenario that much more likely.

Merry Christmas.

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