All of United’s Bad News in One Place

No good news from United yesterday:

–United posted a $225 million loss for November (excluding one-time gains).  The article has more detail, but none of it is good.

–An independent analysis of United’s business plan to emerge from bankruptcy found that even if the plan succeeded the airline may still ultimately fail.  Not what you want to hear.

–And finally, the head of United’s machinists union said that the same plan is unfeasible, as it assumes the termination of union pension plans, a move that he said the unions would not make voluntarily. 

In sum, a miserable day for an airline that is struggling more than everybody thought a couple of months ago.


  1. For this frequent flyer in a United hub city (SFO), I wish they would hurry up and die so that we can get some real airlines in here.

    It’s not just that United offers worse-than-Southwest service for higher fares. It’s that they aren’t even making good business decisions. Their website is so crude that I have to call them and take staff time to do any but the most obvious transaction.

    One of their most important products, the Economy Plus section, is not even for sale! For example, they told me that there’s no way for a non-elite flyer to get into their Economy Plus section, not even for some reasonable fare increment. And since I’m 6’5 and their Economy Minus seat pitch is 40″, well, that means that I could never become an elite customer while retaining the use of my legs.

    United isn’t just old and hidebound and irrelevant, it’s also just plain incompetent as a business. Please, let’s be rid of it …