Travelocity Introduces Cool Airfare Feature

Travelocity, which has done a great job in the past 18 months of improving its site, has introduced a cool new airfare feature where the site tells you how many seats are left at a given fare.  I have no idea why airlines are comfortable sharing what I thought was sensitive information, but as a consumer it’s a great tool.  Well done.

(NOTE: I’m not seeing it now…The feature was up this morning, and now it’s gone.  I’m officially sorry I ever brought it up…)


  1. Not clear to me where this is on the Travelocity site. Can you give more info? Thanks.

  2. It just appears next to the price of flights that have low availability. Try searching for one way flights from nyc to pit on dec 26 and some should pop up.

    On another note, I’ve noticed that Travelocity often offers less flights than other online sites — usually knocking out the more expensive options. Anyone know why this is?

  3. Travelocity is an awful site. Underpowered search engine that returns higher airfares than competing sites.

  4. When you do a search, especially for flights in the near future, this feature will appear on the flight results page (as tjlang has pointed out above).

    The online travel agencies all choose the number of flight results to return. Orbitz made a decision to offer the greatest number of results. Travelocity and Expedia have (quietly) made deals with airlines for how flight results are displayed (in some cases).

    Online agencies have always suggested that they are returning all of the results—this is not the case. They return an edited list of flights based on any number of factors; they are constantly trying to figure out the optimal number of options to return, keeping in mind that there are literally millions of fare options between two cities on a given date.

  5. The feature’s called Flight Navigator and the rollout is gradual so it’s the luck of the draw which server you are routed to. Some have it, some don’t.