Online Travel Review in Washington Post

The ol’ Online Travel Review got a mention in a Sunday Washington Post article about travel weblogs.  While I certainly appreciate it, I’m not sure why the author said that the site focuses on airport security profiling.  Huh?  Have I ever even mentioned that?  Would it have killed her to, I don’t know, look at the site?  Sheesh…


  1. Illegal Immigrant

    Oh come on already with the security. Seriously. It’s enough.

  2. I recently flew on AA last March and I had the worse experience ever. When I checked in (DC) the lady at the counter was very rude. Then when I was leaveing from SAT again the lady was rude at the counter. So I called the customer service and was told they can do nothing about it. Last week I was on AA again from DFW to SAT a 45 min flight. I had my 1 1/2 yr old son with me. I gave the stroller when I was boarding the flight in DFW and when I reached SAT the two wheels were broken and the stroller was broken in half. I had just bought it a week earlier so and it was of good quality ($160) so there was no reason for it to break in a 45 min flight other then misshandeling by the AA baggage people. I went to claim it at the baggage dept. in SAT and was told they can do nothing about it. I would just like you to know that you have the WORST STAFF in the entire airline industry and your customer service mimicks the rude behavior of your airport personel. If AA has the least bit of shame or curtasy they would show me some remorse of their actions. I would not fly your airline for FREE in the future. AA charges for everything and claims ZERO responsibility for their actions. Thank god all my miles with you guys have been used so I don’t have to fly AA again. My time is done with you guys and I hope that other passangers do the same as well. I am going to post my complaint in the SA News today as well.

  3. My experience with Delta air line staff yesterday (07/12/09) made me think why will Delta ever be allowed to monopolise some routeor even be the only none stop flight to Nigeria. Not only did I arrive at PHX airport at 9.30 am for 12.15 pm flight (Delta1032) which was supposed to be flight 56 and was changed to Delta 1032. On getting to the counter for an agent to attend to me the Lady Rose not only insisted that I take one pound wight off my flight I came to check in for my international flight. Which I did after she went to get her suppervisor whom she never got. The flight was shifted from 12.15 pm to 3.15 PM. Now I told her ok I have taken one pound off the bag what do we do since I will have to stay in PHX sky Habour airport from 9.30 am to 3.15 pm. that is about 6 hours waiting time to get to Atlanta to connect my flight to LOS airport. She just said the flight is late and the early one will be the one for 3.15 pm. In fact here is my problem with her and the obese man that she later went to fetch that was full of cigerratte smells and his finger nails were like that of a SWIN keeper, I mean a person working with swin in the dirt!! True none of them said any word in a polite manner as a form of appology what I have to go thru for the next 6 hours waiting period at the airport. Even spending money I never burgetted at the airport at my own expense and without any body from Delta Airline to appreciate it by saying sorry. Even though the one pound would have made no difference but I was forced to take it out. The same will be true that it is Airline policy. wouldn’t that be the same of my own policy to be at the airport on time and to board on time and to leave on time and arrive on time. So why will Delta not only violet their policy and also want me to keep my with them by taking one pound off my bag. Rose shame on you and your fatty man that later came to the counter after he could not have good breath come of him, stinky obese man with dirty finger nail at early hours of the morning, yet you are meant to be Delta ambassadors. shame on you Delat!!!!!! Even when you guys tried to wicked by giving me all the back seats, what happened all the front seats had no passangers hurrayyyyyyy!!!!!! No body like Delta so it was empty, I have to bring down three arm rest and sleeeeeepppppp, while you were standing on your feet smelling SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!. Soon you will come to see me at the hospital for by-pass or angio beggin for one more month to live after your heart attack. Well My flight was ok except your mess and smell along with your delays both in PHX and ATL.