Frontier to Pull Out of Los Angeles

After an attempt to turn Los Angeles into a focus city, Frontier Airlines is abandoning the effort, eliminating flights to Philadelphia and Kansas City in February.  Frontier faced brutal competition on its LAX routes from incumbent carriers, including a ridiculous fare war with Northwest, leading to Frontier pulling out of the MSP-LAX market earlier this year.  The carrier says they will re-deploy the aircraft on routes to Mexico, which is, if I remember correctly, what America West said when they were reducing transcon service.  Two things to note here:

—The transcon market has become an extremely difficult market to do business in, as carriers have added tons of capacity and driven fares way too low.  Frontier, AA and America West have all re-thought their strategies in these markets.
—Frontier (and America West) should be commended for recognizing when something isn’t working and redeploying their assets where they can actually make money.

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