JetBlue to Chicago?

My friend Doug just asked me why JetBlue doesn’t fly to Chicago.  Answer:  They might.  The carrier-that-can-do-no-wrong is interested in purchasing the gates that ATA it abandoning at Midway.  One problem:  AirTran has already agreed to buy the gates from ATA for $90 million.  However, the city of Chicago says that ATA doesn’t have the right to sell the gates.  This one will, of course, end up in court.

Even if JetBlue does decide to go to Chicago, it’ll face stiff competition from Southwest, who is looking to expand at Midway.  The two really haven’t competed head-to-head, so this will be a fun one to watch (fun in the nerdly airline observer sense, not fun in the actual fun sense.  Just a clarification).


  1. First of all I asked you like 3 months ago. And you had no answer.
    Second, sweet.