When Animals Attack

A pregnant baboon that was being loaded onto an aircraft at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston escaped and was temporarily running amock at the airport.  The animal was in the process of being placed on a Continental flight to San Francisco (she was going to the SF Zoo) when she escaped, possibly because she was upset that she was not upgraded.  However, no gold elites were upgraded on the flight, so her silver status certainly wasn’t getting her a seat up front.

In unrelated news, a 5-year old thwarted a dingo attack at a hotel in Queensland, Australia.  I’m not sure why I find that hysterical.  Says the child’s mother:

girls’ mother Belinda is quoted as saying: “I heard my five-year-old
starting to scream when I was in the bathroom but at first I thought
she was messing about. Then I heard my husband shouting ‘dingo, dingo’.

Dingo Dingo.


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