Coalition of the Willing Discount Vacations: England

I am a moron.  After writing a note yesterday that my previous Coalition of the Willing Discount Vacation destination, Hungary, had pulled out of the CotW, I wrote about a great package to Spain.  Well, as a reader pointed out and, when I thought about it, I remembered, Spain pulled out a while ago too.  You may think this is a sly commentary about my feelings on the CotW, but I’m not quite that smart, frankly.  In any case, I plan on finding a better list of the countries in the CotW.  In the meantime, please add Spain to the Countries That Are Not With Us So They Must Be With the Terrorists discount vacation list.

Anyway, today I am quite certain that England is still in the CotW.  As of 8:15 am today, at least.  With that, by way of Frommers, I’ll let you know that they are offering $179 ROUND TRIP tickets from Boston to London this winter.  Flights from New York are similarly priced.  Quite a deal.

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