Delta Says Don’t Fly Us

I was on the phone with Delta yesterday enjoying the soothing hold music, when they played a short advertisement for Song, its lowfare arm. The ad said something to the effect of, “why not try Song, Delta’s low fare high service airline?” I thought to myself, “Why WOULDN’T I fly Song if it has low fares and high service? Why the hell am I flying Delta, with its ridiculous walkup fares and lack of amenities and legroom? Yes, Mr. Advertisement, I WOULD like to fly Song. In fact, why don’t you stick song on all of your domestic routes and give me low fares and high service and good legroom everywhere? Why am I paying a premium for less?” But then they answered the phone and I booked my flight on Delta.

Perhaps I’m crazy, but I don’t think “our cheap brand is awesome and our expensive brand is less awesome than that” is a great branding strategy.

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