More Room in Coach, Less Room in Coach

American Airlines announced that it is replacing some of the seats it removed from its aircraft during its More Room in Coach phase. If you’ve been following this More Room situation, you’ll note that they took seats out of all of its aircraft a couple of years ago. Then last year American put the seats back in their A300s and 757s. Now, they’re putting some of the seats back on the rest of their aircraft. I always found it interesting that passengers would not pay a premium for the additional legroom, as it’s something people complain about. American will remove about 5% of its system capacity by first quarter 2005.

It will be interesting to see what United does with Economy Plus, now that it’s the only large carrier offering additional legroom. I suspect that it will go away on all domestic flights excepts for transcons, but that remains to be seen. JetBlue also offers more legroom on all of their flights in all of the rows located behind the exit rows.

I still lament the death of Delta’s experiment flying all-coach seating with Economy Plus-levels of legroom (about 36″ of pitch) on a couple of routes. With AA and Delta not offering additional room, it certainly makes United an attractive choice for business travelers…

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