Another Reason to Fly Westjet

I once had a conversation with some friends discussing whether we would ever break up with somebody solely because of their taste in music. My friend Doug hates Bette Midler violently, for example, and would absolutely break up with someone for liking Bette (among other less rational reasons. No, wait…Doug hates Bette Midler, yes. But it’s actually my friend Brian who will break up for woman because, for example, “she made me dinner.” You don’t know these people so I’m sure you’ve skipped over this.). I, on the other hand, would absolutely have broken up with someone because of their affinity for Celine Dion.

I share that to say this: Air Canada has hired Celine Dion as their new spokeswoman. The histrionic diva will belt out some nonsense about the re-birth of the carrier in some ads, and you’ll notice in the link I’ve provided that she’s wearing a flight attendant’s uniform. You, of course, are free to make up your own mind on this: perhaps you like Ms. Dion. To that I say, fly away on Air Canada and enjoy your trip. I, on the other hand, shall be boarding WestJet and JetsGo for my future Canadian travels.


  1. Break up with a woman because she made me dinner? You wound me, sir. In the words of Ms. Dion, “I know that my heart will go on”, but not for your blog.