US Airways Announces Low Cost Plans

US Airways announced its strategy to become a lowcost carrier yesterday, focusing on its Philadelphia hub and building a mini-hub in Fort Lauderdale. The plan calls for 230 additional daily flights with no increase in aircraft, a feat accomplished by eliminating the hub-and-spoke strategy from Philadelphia which will allow aircraft to spend more time in the air and less on the ground. The plan is scheduled to kick in February 6, two weeks after the airline is liquidated. OK, that’s not true. But, and it’s too early to actually do the math on this, I find it extremely hard to believe that rejiggering schedules will make US Airways a viable carrier. Consider that US Airways’ nearly 500 flights a day out of Philly will be competing with Southwest and that they still don’t have long-term wage concessions and it’s not difficult to see that US Airways is, very sadly, not likely long for this world.


  1. brilliant move #1->basing their airline in philly.