Sex and Death

Two stories that are only related because I thought it made for a good headline:

The Wall Street Journal looks at bereavement fares, which some in the Senate are not happy about. A bill is under consideration which would force carriers to offer the lowest published fare on a route rather than the current practice of discounting off the highest fare. A Senate staffer was annoyed after paying $900 to go home to Louisiana for a funeral. After a Senator claimed that this change would barely affect airlines, a spokesman for Southwest said, pithily, “We don’t know how anyone in the senator’s office would purport to know the impact on Southwest Airlines because no one from the senator’s office ever asked us.” Nice! In any case, some may complain that the government shouldn’t be setting airline fares. However, the government has loaned the carriers so much money I don’t think reasonable funeral fares are too much to ask in return.

And Virgin Atlantic is offering double beds on a few of its 747, allowing couples (or whomever) to sleep (or whatever) together while flying.


  1. jared, you have rhef instead of href in the VirginAir double-bed link so it won’t “click”…

  2. D’oh! Thanks for the heads-up.