Missed Buildings and Espionage

I apologize for the postings running together today…

Buy Two Get Two on JetBlue
JetBlue has introduced a buy-two-get-two sale between select cities. From New York, you can take advantage of this sale on flights to Denver, Salt Lake City, and San Jose. Buy two tickets on a flight, get two free. Buy four, get four free. As it says in their ad, “if there’s only three of you, the third wheel has to book a separate flight.” I appreciate the honesty.

747 Near Miss With Tokyo Building
An Orient Thai 747 charter came within 200 meters of hitting the 1000-foot tall Tokyo Tower last month. The jet, which was not carrying passengers at the time, was bound for Tokyo’s Haneda airport (the Japanese equivalent of LaGuardia—as it offers primarily domestic flights). The pilot of the jet has been suspended. Whew.

LanPeru Update
If you are flying to Peru any time soon, you’ll be happy to know that the nonsense regarding LanPeru’s foreign ownership is behind us, and that the airline is flying again after being grounded by the government. The airline was granted an emergency permit to resume flights after the government realized, apparently, that it isn’t smart to shut down the nation’s largest carrier on a technicality. Imagine that.

Jetsgo Sues WestJetSmall Canadian carrier Jetsgo has sued WestJet, claming WestJet engaged in corporate espionage and undertook a smear campaign “with the specific purpose of injuring Jetsgo, its business and reputation. In particular, the defendants sought to damage the ability of Jetsgo to compete with WestJet and to destroy Jetsgo’s business …” This may all seem ridiculous, except that Air Canada has accused also WestJet of corporate espionage. WestJet has apologized for repeatedly accessing Air Canada’s internal computer systems to retrieve flight passenger, yield and pricing data.

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